Vocational Pathways - Ngā Ara Umanga

When considering courses, you might wonder what sorts of careers (vocations) or further training they could lead to.

Or, if you are considering a career, you might wonder what courses you should consider taking while you are at school.

Vocational Pathways are being developed to help students understand how Achievement and Unit Standards gained at school are relevant to career or further training opportunities when they leave school.

 The Vocational Pathways

NZQA had classified Unit and Achievement Standards as being related to one or more of six Vocational Pathways:

Manufacturing and Technology

Construction and Infrastructure

Primary Industries

Service Industries

Social and Community Services

Creative Industries

The standards listed after the list of offered assessments for senior courses are colour-coded according to the Vocational Pathway(s) they relate to.

For example, 90849 shows that Achievement Standard 90849 provides credit towards the Manufacturing and Technology, Construction and Infrastructure, Primary, Service, Social & Community Services, and Creative Industries Pathways.

If you achieve NCEA Level 2 with 60 Level 2 (or higher) credits from the Recommended Assessment Standards for a particular Vocational Pathways sector e.g Primary Industries, which include 20 Level 2 credits from sector-related Standards for the same sector e.g Primary Industries, then you can qualify for the Vocational Pathway Award.

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