"Not met prerequisite" message

When you look at the View Courses for me you will see only the courses available to you.

There are two reasons why you will not see other courses.

  1. You are not in the year for that course
  2. You need to have studied a subject this year to study the next level course

This does not mean that you cannot do the course. You will need to select the course from another screen.

Go to Learning areas and find the subject or NCEA Level for the course you wish to take. You can also search for the subject if you know its name.

You will see the following screen:

The year level you are in will be indicated, in the above image, it is 12. 

Choose the learning area of NCEA Level and find the course you wish to take.

E.g. Here the course is one this student cannot currently choose.

It says: You are unable to select this course based on your Current Timetable Year message.

To choose this course, you must Request Exemption.

This is where you write the reasons why you should be considered for the course. This may be simple as you may already be doing the precursor to the course requested. Or you may need to write a more detailed explanation.

Decisions on whether the exemption is granted or not rest with the Head of Faculty.