Applying for an exemption

Your courses are presented to you based on your year group. Some courses are also presented only if you have previously studied the course before. This means that you won't see all the courses on offer at Marlborough Boys' College when you are logged in.

It is possible to apply for an exemption to be allowed to do a course that is not currently available to you. There are a number of reasons why this may be so.

  1. You are already accelerated in a course
  2. You want to be considered to be accelerated into a class
  3. You want to study a course at a level lower than your projected year level, e.g. you will be in Year 13, but have not studied physics before so wish to study Level 2 Physics.

Decisions need care

It is not always a good idea to accelerate from one level to another. For that reason, most subjects require that you demonstrate that you will be able to cope with the higher level before agreeing to join the class. Or your place may be dependent upon passing certain tests and exams. Decisions on placement lie with the Head of Faculty.

Sometimes, it may be better to study a lower-level course to fully prepare you. If you are serious about needing a subject for a career this is almost always better than jumping in at a higher level than appropriate.

Apply for the exemption

The courses that require exemptions will be for the ones that do not appear in my courses. To find the relevant course, navigate to the Overview and then find the subject you wish to apply for an exemption with.

You will see a statement in red reading:

You are unable to select this course based on your Current Timetable Year.

Click on the button saying Request Exemption and then write your case for being able to select the course.



There are reasons why we recommend studying and passing a course before you move to a higher level. However, we appreciate that sometimes we make mistakes and you may have not made the correct options earlier in your education. If it is decided that you can study a course with an exemption, there are likely to be corequisites. These are requirements that will help you to get up to the level required to pass the exempted course.

For example, you may need to attend additional tutorials, complete additional home learning, or work through online support programs. It is very important that you take these seriously and follow the advice of your class teacher so that you make the best of the