Strengthening Student Wellbeing for Success - Te Pakiaka Tangata

All students at MBC are supported to be the best they can be through the pastoral curriculum and support. As a student, you will have daily contact with your whānau teacher as well as being able to access your dean linked to each house:

Mrs R. Quigley
Mr J. Bell
Mr P. Kotze
Mrs A. Kircher

Pastoral instruction is integrated into our curriculum delivery and you, along with all other students, will work on the school values of Respect, Involvement, Pride, Responsibility, and being the best you can be. 

Additional pastoral supports and instruction are provided to you as and when specific needs are identified.

Once a week you will have an extended whānau period. This covers topics including positive behaviors for success and our school values, effective group work, communication, co-operation, self-awareness/expression, culture and diversity, peer pressure, and building strong friendship and trust. This time also provides opportunities for you to review your progress with your whanau teacher. You will also take part in a Principal's assembly once a fortnight during the extended whānau period.