Mathematics - Pāngarau

Through learning Mathematics and the different specialised pathways, students will be equipped with the creative, critical, strategic, and logical thinking skills that are necessary to successfully follow their future pathways. 

They will structure and organize both flexibly and accurately to process and communicate information. 

They will create models and predict outcomes by being able to conjecture, justify, verify, find patterns, generalize, estimate, calculate with precision, and will understand when to use precise or uncertain results. 

Learning skills within this Faculty combine holistic key competencies for success. A graduate who follows a Mathematics and/or specialised pathway at MBC will be able to model the following key skills: 

  • Plan, manage and execute an extended piece of work over time. 
  • Demonstrate resilience when problem-solving. 
  • Communicate coherently in written and verbal form. 
  • Demonstrates an attitude that is consistent with commitment and success. 
  • Has a collaborative approach to problem-solving. 
  • Able to ask for, and find sources of help. 
  • Demonstrate the necessary motivation to succeed, by putting in extra work outside of class and at home. 
  • Demonstrate a healthy balance between schoolwork, friends and family, sport, and other pursuits. 
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses – use strengths to advantage and work on weaknesses. 
  • Use multi-platforms and applications for learning. 

Courses in this Learning Area