Year 10 Woodwork

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr P. Kotze

This is a wood-based course of one term duration, four times per week, and is workshop-based. You will be involved in decision-making and workshop safety.

The emphasis is on Design skills and Craftsmanship and in order to demonstrate this, you will be designing and making three projects. The first will be a quick, short project that will be teacher-led in order to set up your skill base for the following projects.

Design Process:

- Function, Purpose, Ownership.

- Design work-  Research, Concepts x 3, Development, Cutting List, Final design.

- Final is to be sketched but must also be a CAD presentation using Sketchup.

  • Safety outline workshop protocol
  • Timber use, worksheet.
  • Jointing methods you may need to use could involve dowelling, widening, or biscuit joining. 
  • Machine tools – Bandsaw, router, drill press, biscuit jointer, sander.

If time allows, there will also be an introduction to bone carving.

Course Overview

Term 1
Wood work basics:
• Marking out.
• Use of a series of hand tools.
• Accuracy and Quality of finish.
• Understanding the use of glues.
• Cutting lists

Materials awareness:
o What type/s of timber do you intend to use and why?
o What are its/their characteristics and properties?

o Which ones do you intend you use?
o Why?

The use of CAD (Sketchup) for a final pictorial and working drawing of your projects.

Use of machines including:
o Lathe
o Pillar drill
o Biscuit/Domino jointer
o Belt sander/orbital sander

Learning Areas:

Year 10, Year 10 General Options, Technology - Hangarau


NCEA L1 Furniture Making, NCEA L1 Materials Technology

Career Pathways

Wood Processing Worker, Building Surveyor, Building Contractor, Building and Construction Labourer, Cabinet Maker, Carpenter, Painter and Decorator, Fencer, Joiner, Roofer

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

A4 clearfile folder, pencil and pen.

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