Year 10 Woodwork

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr P. Kotze

This is a wood-based course of one term duration, four times per week, and is workshop-based. You will be involved in decision-making and workshop safety.

The emphasis is on Design skills and Craftsmanship and in order to demonstrate this, you will be designing and making three projects. The first will be a quick, short project that will be teacher-led in order to set up your skill base for the following projects.

Design Process:

- Function, Purpose, Ownership.

- Design work-  Research, Concepts x 3, Development, Cutting List, Final design.

- Final is to be sketched but must also be a CAD presentation using Sketchup.

  • Safety outline workshop protocol
  • Timber use, worksheet.
  • Jointing methods you may need to use could involve dowelling, widening, or biscuit joining. 
  • Machine tools – Bandsaw, router, drill press, biscuit jointer, sander.

If time allows, there will also be an introduction to bone carving.

Course Overview

Term 1
Wood work basics:
• Marking out.
• Use of a series of hand tools.
• Accuracy and Quality of finish.
• Understanding the use of glues.
• Cutting lists

Materials awareness:
o What type/s of timber do you intend to use and why?
o What are its/their characteristics and properties?

o Which ones do you intend you use?
o Why?

The use of CAD (Sketchup) for a final pictorial and working drawing of your projects.

Use of machines including:
o Lathe
o Pillar drill
o Biscuit/Domino jointer
o Belt sander/orbital sander

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

A4 clearfile folder, pencil and pen.