Year 9 Graphics and Design

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs C. McLean

The aim is for students to undertake a course of study that continues to develop skills and understanding of different techniques in Graphics. This course acts as a preparation for Yr10 leading to NCEA Level 1 at Yr11.

This course acts as an introduction to Graphics. It teaches the basic skills allowing progression through to Yr10 and NCEA Levels 1,2 and 3.

Graphics enables people, who think that they cannot draw, to draw as it relies on learning certain construction techniques. Drawing is an excellent skill to have and can be used in a variety of careers including many of the Trades, Architecture, Engineering, and Product Design.

Skills that you will learn in the course include:

  • Freehand sketching/crating
  • Linework - weights
  • Forms and Shapes
  • Introduction to rendering
  • Instrumental drawing 
  • Accurate instrumental drawing
  • Exploded View
  • Introduction to one a two-point perspective 
  • Rendering -  Shading, shadows, and textures
  • Light and dark. Tonal change.
  • Different Media and Modes
  • Introduction to Sketchup
  • Awareness of the reasons for using different projections.
  • Linework and architectural conventions.


Course Overview

Term 1
This one term course has four projects which enable the teaching of all the relevant Graphics skills.
These are:
* 'Chairs and Pegs'
* 'Mobile 'phone/Games console'
* 'Dream Room'
* 'Cityscape'

Career Pathways