Year 10 Science

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Dr E. Attridge

Science involves you in investigating the living, physical, material, and technological components of the environment and making sense of them in logical and creative ways. 

It helps you investigate systemically, and it will help you to develop a clearer understanding of aspects of the world around you.

Aspects of digital technology are covered in the topics. Practical work is an essential part of the course and students are expected to learn a variety of skills

The topics you will study include:

  • Ecology - Mātai Hauropi
  • Atoms and Elements - Ngota Me Ngā Pūmotu
  • Forces and Motion - Ngā Tōpana Me Te Nekeneke
  • Genetics and Medicine - Iranga Me Te Rongoā
  • Acids and Bases - Waikawa Me Ngā turanga
  • Simple Machines - Mīhini Ngāwari
  • Electricity - Pukaha Hiko
  • Science Celebration – Pūtaiao Whakahari

Assessment Information

Assessment is continual and based on a combination of tests, homework and contributions in class. The curriculum level and sub-level is reported for each topic