NCEA L1 History

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Clark

Recommended Prior Learning

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History ask students, and helps them answer, today’s question by engaging with the past and imagining and speculating on possible futures. We present students with dilemmas, choices and beliefs of the past.

  • Origins of WW2
  • New Zealand in WW2
  • Black Civil Rights 
  • The USA
  • Student Choice Topic

You will be mainly studying topics from the twentieth century. It was a century of great triumphs and great tragedies. By the end of the year you will understand how segregation in the United States was broken down. You will learn how World War II broke out and engulfed the world. You should also have a better understanding of what role New Zealand has played on the world stage. You may also get to go on a field trip to Wellington either in HIS 100 or HIS 200. MBC has organised several trips to Europe in the past and plan to in the future, when the COVID-19 pandemic allows this to happen.


History is made up of people and no doubt you will have heard of some of the most famous from the 20th Century such as Hitler, Mussolini, Churchill and Roosevelt. However, you may not have heard of – Angela Davis, Peter Fraser, Francisco Franco, Georges Clemenceau, Robert Muldoon, Stokely Carmichael and David Lloyd-George. 


Besides learning about these events and people you will also pick up some useful skills. By the end of the course, you will be able to: 


  • Assess the significance of historical events and the significance of historical evidence
  • Gather and select information from a variety of sources (books, posters, pictures, documents, films, tapes, video, computers, cartoons, maps, graphs, diagrams) 
  • recognise specific points of view, bias and propaganda 
  • understand and analyse historical relationships ie. cause and effect, continuity and change 
  • recall historical material in context 
  • present information effectively ie. in debates, role plays, panels, timelines, posters, reports, articles, paragraphs, essays 
  • present an argument and support it with well-chosen evidence and reasoned conclusions 


These skills are highly valued by employers. The ability to communicate your ideas clearly is vital in all areas of life. Some of the main areas History students have found employment have included law, the media, government departments, teaching, public relations and business.

Figure 1: MBC students at Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre, 2022

Figure 2 MBC Students at the Palace of Versailles, France 2017 

Course Overview

Term 1
Introduction to History - Origins of World War Two
New Zealand in World War Two - Begin AS91001 research assignment.

Term 2
New Zealand in World War Two - Complete AS91002 history article
Begin Black Civil Rights in the USA

Term 3
Black Civil Rights in the USA - AS91004 understanding perspectives
Preliminary exams 91003 & 91005
Begin fourth topic - advised by NZQA and negotiate by student choice. e.g. Protest in New Zealand in the First Half of the Twentieth Century.

Term 4
Complete fourth topic - advised by NZQA and negotiate by student choice. e.g. Protest in New Zealand in the First Half of the Twentieth Century.
NZQA Exams 91003 & 91005

Learning Areas:

NCEA Level 1, Social Sciences - Tikanga ā Iwi


NCEA L2 Classical Studies, NCEA L2 History