NCEA L1 Geography

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr C. Grage

Geographers tell us why things happen, where they happen.  

This course explores the relationships between people and both natural and cultural environments. Geography investigates the ways in which features are arranged on the earth’s surface.  What is happening on our planet?  Where is it happening?  What are the causes and effects on our people and environments?  Some of the topics we study at level 1 include:

  • Earthquakes NZ Population
  • Geographic Skills
  • Contemporary Geographic Issues
  • Global Patterns
  • Geographic Research
  • Geographic Information Systems and digital mapping


Course Overview

Term 1
General intoduction to Geography as a subject
Internal work:
Global Topic - Boxing Day Tsunami
Digital mapping with Google Earth - Earthquakes
Research Project - Holidays in NZ

Term 2
Studying for External about Christchurch Earthquake
Internal on Wine in Marlborough

Term 3
Studying for Geographic Skills external
Prelim Exams
Contemporary Geographic Issue internal

Term 4
exam recap before going on exam leave

Learning Areas:

NCEA Level 1, Social Sciences - Tikanga ā Iwi


NCEA L2 Geography