NCEA L2 English - Who Cares About the Rules?

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms J. McLeod

Recommended Prior Learning

It is recommended that you have completed Level 1 English and are a competent reader.

Who cares about the rules?

Rules - we are surrounded by them. Do this, don't do this, and certainly don't do that. But are all rules useful? Are some meant to be broken? Who should decide the rules in the first place?

We know that society needs rules to function, but what happens if we change them or take them away completely? Will society continue to function?

This course focuses on texts (both written and visual) that look at the consequences of breaking the rules in a variety of contexts. It offers both internal and external assessments and will provide University Entrance Literacy.

This course incorporates research and analysis and develops writing skills over a number of different genres, reading for meaning and finally culminates in two external assessments.

The skills developed throughout the year will enable you to deepen both your written and oral communication skills as well as complement other level 2 subjects that involve researching and report writing. 

We will read Neal Shusterman's Scythe, William Golding's Lord of the Flies and George Orwell's 1984. We will also explore a range of short stories, poems and short films to help develop our theme.

Course Overview

Term 1
We begin the year with a focus on developing our theme and get stuck into both reading and writing activities. We will use our written and visual texts as prompts for our writing tasks so it is essential that you engage with the reading from the start of the year. The first few reading responses are due this term.

Term 2
We make connections this term as we start to draw the key themes and ideas from the texts we have been engaging in. We also complete the personal reading standard.

Term 3
This term we finish our writing portfolio and complete DGE exams.

Term 4
Revise, revise, revise as we get ready for our external assessment.

Learning Areas:

Languages - Ngā Reo, NCEA Level 2

Career Pathways

Sales Representative, Administration Officer, Receptionist, Advertising Specialist, Copywriter, Sales and Marketing Manager, Archivist, Historian, Barrister, Author, Hotel/Motel Manager, Elected Government Representative, Psychologist, Journalist, Communications Professional, Event Manager, Technical Writer, Editor, Solicitor, Judge, Curator, Foreign Policy Officer, Personal Assistant, Human Resources Adviser, Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Librarian, Library Assistant, Market Research Analyst, Survey Interviewer, Office Manager, Private Teacher/Tutor, Project Manager, Secondary School Teacher, Social Worker, Teacher Aide, Speech-Language Therapist, Television Presenter, Tour Guide, Intelligence Officer, Management Consultant, Marketing Specialist