Year 10 English

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr A. van der Velden

English is the study of language and literature

English in Year 10 aims to provide learning opportunities to enable students to be successful in developing their language and communication skills.

The programme is based around student interest to promote engagement as we explore between, beyond and around language. The learners will continue to develop their reading and dissemination skills as they unpack a range of different text types and contexts. They will further develop their writing skills in a portfolio that includes both creative and formal writing opportunities and practice their presentation skills in a variety of contexts. 

Our classes are all of mixed ability, and we encourage ako in groups to further develop collaboration, team work and leadership which are all 21st century learning skills. Extension opportunities are also available for those that like to challenge themselves with further learning. 

Course Overview

Term 1
We start the year with a text-based assessment as we look at the way ideas are developed through language. This will lead to a writing task that can be used for your writing portfolio. We also begin our personal reading programme and practice our presentation skills.

Term 2
Term two looks at unfamiliar texts and the way language can influence our thinking. We may incorporate a information literacy assessment and a connections task to see how texts have common themes and ideas.

Term 3
Term three we explore another text in detail and sharpen our essay writing skills, paying particular attention to our technical accuracy (grammar, punctuation, spelling etc). We also write creatively and formally to contribute to our portfolio and possibly enter into the school creative writing competition.

Term 4
Term four is a focus on skills development as we prepare you for the rigours of NCEA the following year.

Recommended Prior Learning

Open entry.