Year 10 Food Technology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs C. McLean

The focus for this course is 'Foods: Production and Process'.

Eggs are an economical and nutritious choice for meals at any time of the day. Teenagers sleep late but research suggests that a meal within a few hours of waking will provide energy, help them concentrate, and remember what they learn. By designing a brunch dish, teenagers will still be eating a meal between breakfast (which they may have missed from sleeping late) and lunch. This will help break the fasting that has taken place overnight and hopefully get them ready for their learning and the day ahead.

Food Technology is all about the designing of good foods around nutritional needs. It is an area that can take you into the designing and production of new foods in the Food manufacturing industry.

This course provides you with two pathways; one on Hospitality and one in Technology.

Course Overview

Term 1
Not every meal we eat needs to have meat in it, but to be healthy you need to consume a balanced diet. Eggs are an economical and nutritious choice for meals as a meat alternative. Teenagers often sleep late and miss breakfast. Without food to help fuel their bodies and brains they are unable to process information quickly and become tired and irritable.

The Opportunity:
Design and make a dish which is healthy and suitable for teenagers to make at home for their families or friends which is served at brunch. The dish must incorporate eggs as the main event.

For this Term length course you will be working on the following through practical methods:

· The cost of eating eggs, both financial and socially
· What different types of Vegetarians are there? (Pescatarian, Lacto-ovo, etc)
· Animal welfare – What it means to raise free range animals
· Moral and ethical choices when it comes to eating eggs
· Understand what is meant by healthy eating
· Understand how eggs fit into a balanced diet
· Understand how eggs can meet their changing nutritional needs
· Develop specific knowledge about nutrients in eggs
· Prepare and serve simple and complex egg dishes
· To plan, develop and implement a plan of action to create a healthy brunch dish

Recommended Prior Learning

An open mind and a hunger for innovation.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

A4 clearfile folder, pen and pencil.