Year 10 Drama

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs N. Searle

This course builds on the foundational skills developed in the year nine course whilst remaining open for any student to take. 

Students will utilize a variety of strategies to devise and perform their own piece of drama in groups. They will explore a particular theatre form and learn the conventions and techniques particular to the style. They will work with a script in small and larger groups, developing their collaborative skills as well as their individual ability to use drama techniques to create convincing characters in performance. 

This course is designed to prepare students for senior drama as well as developing transferable skills they can utilize both in and out of school, particularly in creative, collaborative industries.


  • Demonstrate knowledge of a theatre form
  • Apply drama techniques in performance
  • Perform a scripted role

Course Overview

Term 1
DRA01202 Developing Practical Knowledge in Drama
DRA01203 Developing Ideas in Drama
DRA01204 Communicating & Interpreting Drama
DRA01205 Understanding Drama in Context