NCEA L2 Painting B

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs D. Cave-Higgins

Recommended Prior Learning

This course is open entry. However, some level of understanding and experience about Art or Digital Technology would be an advantage.


Level 2 Painting -Semester B (Code:PTG2B) - This course is designed for students keen to extend their Painting and Printmaking skills. Many students will choose to do this in media such as acrylic and oil paint, while others look to upskill in digital painting. Woodcut and engraving printmaking processes are also used.

Mixed media and some sculpture is also encouraged as students explore their choice of ideas. Observational and freehand drawing skills extended and students may also wish to draw digitally. 

The painting process will support the development of research and thinking skills.                              Students will choose their own ideas and themes to explore in this course. 

In Semester B (PTG2B), there are two choices.

8 credits for Internals (PTG2B only) or 16 credits for one Internal and 1 external standard. The latter includes a 12 credit - 2 panel portfolio. To do this, both Semester A (PTG2A) and Semester B (PTG2B) must be chosen. 

The planning and successful production of the external folio will allow for 'course endorsement'. 

With teacher guidance, every student will produce their own range of ideas and artworks. It will often reflect their interests and aspirations.

Level 2 folio - Campbell Earle

Level 2 folio - Keelin Bell

Course Overview

Semester B
Semester B (PTG2B) – 8 credits for Internal standards (2.2 - 4 credits, 2.5 - 4 credits)
if Semester A (PTG2A) is already completed 16 credits for 1 Internal and 1 external standard - 2.4 (External =Folio - 12 credits) & 2.5 (Internal - 4 credits)

Students who wish to complete the 12-credit folio (2.4) will need to also select Semester A.
This allows for course endorsement.

Learning Areas:

Arts - Mātauranga Toi, NCEA Level 2


NCEA L2 Design A, NCEA L2 Painting A, NCEA L2 Photography A, NCEA L3 Design A, NCEA L3 Design B, NCEA L3 Painting A, NCEA L3 Painting B, NCEA L3 Photography A, NCEA L3 Photography B

Students at Level 2 may take more than one Visual Arts subject.

Career Pathways

Animator/Digital Artist, Artist, Tattoo Artist, Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Painter and Decorator, Conservator, Jeweller, Make-up Artist, Curator, Graphic Pre-press Worker, Visual Merchandiser, Exhibition and Collections Technician, Industrial Spray Painter, Signmaker