NCEA L2 Performance Dance

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs R. Climo

Performance Dance is a subject in which dance and the arts are pivotal in providing a space where students can confidently navigate their cultural identity.

 This is a full-year course specialising in Pasifika dance skills. Students demonstrate techniques and movements associated with Pasifika dance genres or styles or that include personal ways of moving. They demonstrate the skilled use of balance, accurate use of space, timing, and energy.

The intended outcomes of the subject are:

The students will achieve NZQA qualifications in dance. They will experience success through their culture and heritage. Students will be confident pursuing pathways in their culture, art, and heritage and can confidently lead in all areas of their learning journey. It will be underpinned by the New Zealand Curriculum, focusing on critical thinking skills, a culture of ako, managing self, participating and contributing to the group, and expressing themselves through language, song, and dance.

This is a full-year course specialising in Pasifika dance skills. Students perform an ethnic dance to communicate a comprehensive understanding of the dance style, conveying the emotional content of the style. They demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the stylistic requirements.

Learning Areas:

Arts - Mātauranga Toi, NCEA Level 2


NCEA L3 Performance Dance

Career Pathways

Actor, Artistic Director, Film and Video Editor, Dancer, Entertainer, Musician, Systems Administrator, Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage), Early Childhood Teacher, Production Assistant (Film, Television, Radio or Stage), Model