NCEA L3 Mathematics for commerce and business B

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Thornley

Recommended Prior Learning

Students need to have completed at least 10 credits in Mathematics at NCEA L2 or L3 to be admitted to this course.

A general Mathematics course covering; Time Series, Bivariate Data and Linear Programming. 

The following pathways are available:

MTI3A + MCB3B = NCEA L3 Mathematics for Trade and Industry (UE Mathematics, not endorsable). 

MSP3A + MSP3B = NCEA L3 Mathematics for Statistics and Probability (UE Statistics).

MEB3A + MCB3B = NCEA L3 Mathematics for Commerce and Business (UE Mathematics).

MEB3A + MES3B = NCEA L3 Mathematics for Engineering and Science (UE Calculus) add MPL3A or MPL3B for a comprehensive course in preparation for university Calculus.

Any other combination of first and second-semester L3 Mathematics = NCEA L3 Mathematics (UE Mathematics, some combinations not endorsable). Must be approved by HOF.

Learning Areas:

Mathematics - Pāngarau, NCEA Level 3

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Pens (blue, black and red)
1J5 5mm quad book (about three for the year)
Scientific calculator
A Graphics calculator is beneficial but not compulsory.
A laptop for parts of the course, MBC can provide a day loan if necessary.
A textbook will be issued to the student for the year. It is the student's responsibility and must be returned in good condition at the end of the year.
Additional resources are available for an additional charge, these are not compulsory.
Students are to bring all equipment to every lesson.