NCEA L2 Furniture Making

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr J. McLean

Recommended Prior Learning

You need to have completed FUR1 in order to have the best chance of succeeding in this subject. However, if you had a clash of timetable last year that caused you to miss out, come and see Mr. McLean to see whether an exception could be made.

What we require is enthusiasm and the desire to learn and work hard.

This  Furniture Making Course is aimed at achieving credits towards the National Certificate in Furniture Making and is based around industry training organisation (ITO) Unit Standards. The work is predominantly project based.

Furniture making provides students with the opportunity to continue their development of skills in the area of construction gained at Years 11.

You will undertake study in Level 2 ITO unit standards of furniture makin, furniture finishing, product knowledge and calculations for furniture making.

Course Overview

Term 1
In Term1, you will be researching, designing, drawing up plans and preparing to make your main project. Part of this preparation for constructing your main project will be based around learning all there is to know re Fixed Machinery, hence the US24351.

Term 2
US24360 is a standard concerned with studying materials. This is so that you can make the appropriate decisions about which materials will be suitable for your project. All the standards rely on practical evidence. In effect, you have to demonstrate your understanding through your practical project before you can be awarded the credits.

Term 3
In Term 3 you continue with your project. Should you finish earlier than expected, you will be set further tasks that will expand upon skills learnt.

Term 4
This Term for you as a senior, will only be about four weeks long. With that in mind, you will spend this time making sure that all finishing requirements are up to scratch. This is so that you can take home a piece of furniture of which you are justifiably proud.

Learning Areas:

NCEA Level 2, Technology - Hangarau

Career Pathways

Auctioneer, Cutter, Sewing Machinist, Industrial Designer, Upholsterer, Wood Processing Worker, Valuer, Product Assembler, Glazier, Building Contractor, Cabinet Maker, Carpenter, Exhibition and Collections Technician, Furniture Finisher, Joiner

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

A4 folder, pen and pencil

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