NCEA L1 English - Top Of Their Game

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms J. McLeod

Recommended Prior Learning

Open entry.

This course looks at heroes within a sporting context. We all know of Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Louis Hamilton or Lionel Messi. They are considered to be sporting heroes, but are they really? Are they all equal in terms of the value they have given to sport and the world as a whole? Is someone who challenges racism or discrimination on the sporting field more of a hero than one who has made millions of dollars? What about the sportsperson who gives back to their local community versus the one who we see on multiple product endorsements?

This course will develop core English skills around the theme of 'holding out for a hero' with a sporting focus. 

English as a subject area focuses on the two key strands – making meaning and creating meaning. We focus on communication through a range of texts and mediums to reflect societal changes and 21st Century learning foci. English encompasses learning the language, using the language and thinking beyond the language through authentic learning contexts.

Specifically, this involves learners being willing to have their ideas challenged; to developing their own ideas and opinions through critical literacy and working on the skills required to be confident using their own personal voice.

Course Overview

Term 1
We start by looking at how we define excellence in sport. We then explore one of our hero's and complete a research assignment.

Term 2
This term we make connections. By looking at a range of different texts around heroism, we can draw some obvious conclusions on how language positions a reader to develop and understand key ideas. We also practice our speaking and presenting skills with an oral presentation.

Term 3
Our focus turns now to the external exam as we prepare for the derived grade exams. We also need to complete our reading responses.

Term 4
Practice, practice, practice. Like any good sporting fixture, we practice our core skills to ensure we are ready and confident about succeeding in our external exams.

Learning Areas:

Languages - Ngā Reo, NCEA Level 1, NCEA Level 1 Literacy Requirement

Career Pathways

Administration Officer, Receptionist, Advertising Specialist, Copywriter, Sales and Marketing Manager, Business Analyst, Author, Journalist, Technical Writer, Editor, Solicitor, Judge, Systems Administrator, Personal Assistant, Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Librarian, Library Assistant, Private Teacher/Tutor, Secondary School Teacher, Teacher Aide