NCEA L1 Agriculture and Horticulture

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss R. Kane

Recommended Prior Learning

No prior knowledge is required but an interest in primary industries is recommended.

This is a foundation course if you are interested in primary production. During the course you will learn topics such as:

  • Agriculture/Horticulture production and its impact 
  • Practical skills 
  • Soil management 

 The course will cover the ways life processes and growing environments affect end products of primary production as well as appreciate that management practices have impacts on the environment and the wider community.

You will also will learn practical skills in soil cultivation, seed germination, wire tying, and using a sprayer. 

Course Overview

Semester A
Students will look at soil structure and soil management practices to ensure we can grow our crops and livestock to maintain a healthy sustainable soil. Students will use this knowledge to help them sow seeds and grow a small crop on the school grounds. They will also learn different skills such as wire tying that are useful in many primary industries.

Semester B
Students will continue to manage crops in their small plots. They will also look at New Zealand regions and their climatic, physical, and marketing factors that allow primary industries to thrive in that region.
Students will also look at how primary industries can affect the soil, air, water and living organisms and how those affects are managed.
They will continue to build on their skills used within primary industries such as using a sprayer.

Learning Areas:

NCEA Level 1, Science - PÅ«taiao


NCEA L2 Agriculture and Horticulture 2A

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Students will need a 1B5 book